The Resources You Allocate to Personnel Management

We halve it in 2 weeks!

Instead of using dozens of applications for shift management, attendance, performance tracking and employee engagement; use Passgage, the HR super application

With Passgage, we strengthened the budgets and teams of our business partners together!

Less Cost
More Technology

We are aware that the workload on you professionals has increased with the expanding definition of human resources. Complex data, prolonged excel tables, meaningless reports not only increase your workload but also reduce your productivity.

For this very reason, we developed Passgage where you can control your work such as shift planning, tally calculation, leave and performance tracking much faster in the same application.

You can manage all hr processes from a one platform with Passgage!

It is not expensive using Passgage, but not using it is!

Do you know that using multiple applications for attendance, tally, shift and performance tracking increases your cost by 40%?

We are here to make your work easier Like we've always done it...

We End the Software Crowd

When managing human resources, you will almost completely eliminate your manual workload by choosing Passgage instead of using different software for each job.

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We work 100% compatible with your system

With Passgage, a cloud-based software, you will be able to easily integrate it with ERP and other software you use and provide control from a single panel.

Sisteminizle %100 Uyumlu Çalışıyoruz

We Provide Instant Tracking of Your Data

With the mobile application, you will be able to instantly access your entire operation network and monitor the working status and performance of the teams in real time. 

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We Build Your Corporate Culture Together

You will be able to control the demands and needs of your employees moment by moment and thus increase interaction and make them feel as the most valuable parts of the company.

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With Passgage, You Can Avoid 36 Tons of Carbon Emissions in a Year!

And what does that mean?


More Trees


Fewer Flights


Vehicle Savings

Digitalise with HR Super App Passgage!

Let's Strengthen Your Human Resources

What do human resources do when your workflows are digitized and your manual workload is halved?

Of course it produces value!

Testimonial Carousel

Industry Pioneers Empowered Their Human Resources with Passgage, Now It’s Your Turn!

Leading companies of the sector strengthen their human resources with Passgage, which is customised according to the needs of their institutions.

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Zaman Tasarrufu

İpekyol saved 50% of time with shift management.

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Less Errors

Thanks to the QR code integration, Doluca reduced human errors by 99%.

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Lower Cost

Onur Market reduced hardware costs by 100%.

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High Performance

Bahçeşehir University increased its performance by 32% in the first quarter with instant tracking.

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Less Carbon Emissions

Avva reduced its carbon emissions by 26% by digitalising all HR processes.

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