Leave /Time-off Management

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Leave /Time-off Management

Leave /Time-off Management Module provides a platform where employees can send their absence requests, such as leave, annual leave, maternity leave, etc., to managers from anywhere, along with the dates they specify. It allows requests to be easily managed and helps with coordination between employees and managers.

With the Leave /Time-off Management module, it is possible to digitalize the request and evaluation processes regarding leave. Requests from your employees are forwarded to the authorized manager via customizable approval flows.

Additionally, you can make budget and resource planning regarding absences more effectively with the Leave /Time-off Management Module. If you are looking for a seamless and effective leave management experience for your business, you can trust the Leave /Time-off Management Module!”

Discover the Benefits of the
Leave /Time-off Module
Benefits for Employers
With the digitalization of leave planning, it is possible to manage workforce resources more effectively.
Managers can view, approve or reject employees' leave requests from anywhere via the mobile application. This contributes to the acceleration of processes.
Dates and status of leave requests can be tracked on a central platform, ensuring transparency of processes.
Ability to report data on absenteeism facilitates budget and resource planning.
Benefits for Departments
With customizable approval flows, department needs can be met quickly and effectively.
The leave management module strengthens interdepartmental coordination and accelerates business processes.
Managing leave requests and usage on a central platform makes budget control easier for departments.
Detailed reporting features enable departments to analyze past leave usage and plan future resource needs more effectively.
Benefits for Employees
Quick and easy demand creation enables employees to meet their needs quickly.
Easily tracking requests ensures that employees are informed about the process.
Digitalized request transactions enable employees to save time and labor.
Centralized request management increases employee satisfaction and ensures that demands are met quickly.
Centralise All the Leave / Time-off Requests
With the Leave /Time-off Module, it is possible to digitalize the request and evaluation processes regarding leave. Requests from your employees are forwarded to the authorized manager thanks to customizable approval flows.
Leave /Time-off Management
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
How long does it take for leave requests to be answered?

Leave requests may take varying amounts of time to respond, depending on the customizable approval flows your business has established. But overall, requests are usually answered in a short time because the module speeds up business processes.

Who is authorized to respond to leave requests?

Approval flows for permissions can be customized. Each institution, department, branch or employee can select the authorized person for leave and determine multiple hierarchical levels in the leave approval process.

What exactly does the Leave /Time-off Module do?

Leave /Time-off Module allows employees to send their absence requests such as leave, annual leave, maternity leave, etc. to managers via mobile application or web portal. Additionally, these requests may be reviewed and approved or rejected by authorized administrators.

Which users can use the Passgage Leave /Time-off Module?

Passgage Leave /Time-off Module is designed for employers, departments and employees. This module allows the needs of any department to be easily met.

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