Access Control Systems

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Access Control

Manage all access transactions of your business effectively and safely with the Passgage Access Control Systems module. This innovative hardware and mobile application-based solution provides access control using automation systems such as magnetic access switch, card reader, turnstile and QR codes via the mobile application.

Passgage mobile application allows you to easily carry out a number of operations such as tracking personnel entries and exits, performing authorization transactions, providing access control to areas and performing data analysis. You can also make payroll calculations quickly and accurately with automatically collected door entry-exit time data.

Passgage access control system allows your business to save time and labor by automating data tracking. Being both hardware and mobile app based allows you to easily customize the system to the specific needs of your business. This powerful solution enhances security, prevents unauthorized access, and records staff movements, supporting the efficiency and success of your business.

Discover the Benefits of
Access Control Systems
Benefits for Employers
Increase the overall security of your business by preventing unauthorized access.
Save labor and time via automatic tally calculations and data tracking.
Customize the system according to your specific needs of business.
Optimize your business management by analyzing data such as personnel movements and entry-exit times.
Benefits for Departments
Departments can easily manage who has access to certain areas.
Mobile application and hardware integration allows fast and uninterrupted entry and exit operations.
Preventing unauthorized access increases departmental security.
Automatically collected data can be used to evaluate the department's business processes and performance.
Benefits for Employees
Via the mobile application, they can enter and exit the workplace quickly and easily.
It creates a safer working environment as unauthorized people are prevented from entering the area.
They can easily log in via QR codes or mobile application, thus eliminating the hassle of carrying keys or cards.
They can track their own entry-exit times and movements, thus providing greater transparency for tallying and performance evaluations.
Integrated Access Control via QR Codes
Check areas, authorizations and passes via QR codes and Passgage mobile application, without any hardware investment.
Access Control
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
Who is Suitable for Passgage Access Control Systems?

Passgage Access Control Systems are useful in all businesses, from small to large, and in situations where temporary personnel are employed. "Human resources departments, security units, business owners and employees can benefit from Passgage Access Control Systems.

What does Passgage Access Control Systems cover?

Passgage Access Control Systems include automation systems such as magnetic access switch, card reader, turnstile and hardware and software components that can be used to control access with QR codes via mobile application.

What are the benefits of Passgage Access Control Systems to businesses?

Passgage Access Control Systems save time and labor by automating personnel attendance control systems. "It also increases workplace security, prevents unauthorized entries, and allows departments to work more efficiently by recording personnel movements.

How do Passgage Access Control Systems work?

Passgage Access Control Systems track and record personnel entrances and exits by controlling access with automation systems such as magnetic access switch, card reader, turnstile and QR codes via mobile application.

How is the security of Passgage Access Control Systems ensured?

Passgage Access Control Module is a system that prevents unauthorized entries and records personnel movements. With automation, systems such as magnetic access switch, card reader, turnstile and access control with QR codes via mobile application, personnel's access to certain areas is controlled and security is ensured.

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