KPI Module

Redefine Your Business Performance!
KPI Module

"Passgage's revolutionary KPI Module offers a new productivity experience by digitalizing the performance management process of your business. With this module, you can easily monitor teams or individual performances and manage your goals and achievements.

Create a performance evaluation structure that reflects your company's culture via the customizable performance management system. By assigning goals to work teams, track progress towards the same performance goal with individual or team-based reports.

Increase the performance of your business and enable your employees to work more efficiently by monitoring performance measurements anytime and anywhere with the advantage of the mobile application.

KPI Module provides a critical solution to increase the efficiency of your business. While it creates a productive working environment within the company, it also strengthens the motivation of your employees. It provides the opportunity to intervene quickly by tracking real-time performance measurements and maximizes the success of your business. Get one step ahead of the competition in the business world with the Passgage KPI Module!”"

Discover the Benefits of
KPI Module
Benefits for Employers
Potential to improve overall company performance
Customizable performance management tailored to company culture
Mobile performance monitoring accessible from anywhere
Possibility of rapid intervention with real-time performance measurements
Benefits for Departments
Ease of tracking team and individual performance
Performance measurements that contribute to department development
Creating a productive working environment
Effective management and follow-up for achieving goals
Benefits for Employees
Continuous feedback for personal development
Performance measurements that increase motivation
Evaluation processes appropriate to company culture
Clear road map to achieve goals
Always Peak Performance
Measure the performance of your employees, departments or branches through customizable values. Reach your peak performance with the Passgage KPI Module.
KPI Module
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
What is KPI Module?

The Key performance indicator is a module of Passgage and helps businesses monitor, track and improve employee performance.

Which departments can use the KPI Module?

The KPI module can be suitable for any department. The module provides the opportunity to track team and individual performances, perform performance measurements and create a customizable performance management system.

What type of businesses are suitable for the KPI module?

The KPI module is suitable for all types of businesses and can help businesses start a new era in performance management.

How to use the KPI module?

The KPI module is a system where you can track team and individual performances. Using the module, you can track your goals and achievements, perform performance measurements and create a customizable performance management system.

What benefits does the KPI module provide?

The KPI module allows companies to improve performance, create a customizable performance management system, increase employee motivation and track performance metrics anytime and anywhere via the mobile/web shift system.

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