Audit Tool Module

Increase Your Success with Fast, Reliable and Efficient Audits!
Audit Tool Module

The Passgage Audit Tool module aims to increase the performance of companies by auditing their departments and branches more efficiently and effectively. Successful audits increase the performance of businesses and significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Passgage Audit Tool module accelerates and facilitates audit processes thanks to the checklists prepared by the departments. Managers save time by preparing performance evaluation reports faster and more reliably with the Passgage audit system.

This special module enables you to easily perform and report your audits by providing customized checklists for departments and branches. Thus, you can track the progress of your locations by scoring their performance.

Managers can score using the Passgage Audit Tool and save time by preparing reliable performance evaluation reports. Allowing you to increase the performance of your departments and branches, perform quick and easy audits with checklists, and complete your reporting quickly and reliably. Take the success of your business one step further with the Passgage Audit Tool!

Discover the Benefits
of Audit Tool Module
Benefits for Employers
Creates performance evaluation reports faster and more reliably
Increases location performance and increases customer satisfaction
Enables in-company audits to be carried out quickly and easily
Benefits for Departments
Performs inspection operations faster and easier
Increases your performance and allows you to track your progress
Helps manage locations more efficiently
Benefits for Employees
Provides a more organized and efficient working environment
Increases your career opportunities by improving your performance
Customer satisfaction increases with better management of locations.
Perform Your Audit Tasks via Mobile Application
Create digital checklists with the Passgage Audit Module and enable your auditors to perform audits via the mobile application.
Audit Tool Module
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
What is the Passgage Audit Tool and what does it do?

Passgage Audit Tool is a tool that allows companies to audit their departments more efficiently and effectively. It improves location performance, increases customer satisfaction and creates performance evaluation reports faster and more reliably.

How reliable is the Passgage Audit Tool module?

Passgage Audit Tool module is a reliable system. With checklists, your audits can be carried out more quickly and easily, and you can create your performance evaluation reports reliably by scoring. Additionally, you can contribute to the success of your company by increasing customer satisfaction.

Who can use the Passgage Audit Tool module?

Passgage Audit Tool module can be used by all departments and managers of companies. All businesses that operate in any sector and want to carry out internal audits and are authorized in this regard can use this module.

What benefits does it offer?

The Passgage Audit Tool module enables in-company audits to be carried out quickly and easily, increases location performance, allows you to track your progress, and helps manage locations more efficiently. Additionally, it ensures that employees have a more organized and productive working environment, and they can increase their career opportunities by increasing their performance.

How to use the Passgage Audit Tool module?

With the Passgage Audit Tool module, audit operations can be carried out faster and easier with the checklists created by the departments. Managers can create performance evaluation reports more quickly and reliably by using the Passgage audit system.

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