Social Media Module

Improve Corporate Culture and Increase Employee Engagement
Social Media Module

Passgage Social Media module reshapes internal communication and offers a special platform where employees can interact. With this dynamic social flow, employees connect with each other by sharing content that reflects the company culture and feel like they are an important part of the organization.

Passgage Social Media module helps; interaction, cooperation and motivation among employees to increase, creating a more efficient and positive working environment. In addition, it brings many advantages such as instant access to internal company announcements, strengthening motivation with reward strategies and getting information about annual events.

This special module also provides suitable team rules for managing internal shares. It paves the way for sharing that is compatible with the company culture, supports business efficiency, and is carried out with the consent of the employees. In this way, internal communication becomes more effective and employee motivation constantly increases. Start a new era in the business world with Passgage Social Media module!

Check Out the Benefits
of Social Media Module
Benefits for Employers
You can reward your employees with automatic reward strategies for annual activities and special days.
It increases business performance by increasing employee motivation.
It creates a better working environment by strengthening internal communication.
Benefits for Departments
It increases communication and cooperation between departments.
It increases employee motivation by effectively determining reward strategies.
It provides the opportunity to be informed about internal company posts and increase cooperation within the department.
Benefits for Employees
Employees create a better working environment by interacting with each other.
They perform better due to increase in their motivation.
They experience a satisfying working experience by being rewarded with reward strategies for annual activities and special occasions.
A New Communication Experience with a Social Media Designed for You
Build a transparent communication channel between your employees and departments with a new social media area specific to your organization.
Social Media Module
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
What is Passgage Social Media module?

Passgage Social Media module is a digital tool that enables businesses to share motivational content and determine reward strategies by establishing a strong communication network among their employees.

Can Passgage Social Media module create corporate loyalty?

Passgage Social Media module helps increase corporate loyalty. Communication and cooperation between employees strengthens unity and teamwork within the company. This module enables employees to interact with each other, work together and strengthen their relationships with colleagues.

How to use Passgage Social Media module?

Passgage Social Media module can be used by businesses via opening an account on the Passgage platform and inviting employees to the platform. This allows sharing content among employees, determine reward strategies, and create automatic reward plans for annual activities.

For which businesses is the Passgage Social Media module suitable?

This module is suitable for all types of businesses. It can be used by all businesses, from small to large organizations, to strengthen internal communication and increase employee motivation.

What kind of benefits does the Passgage Social Media module provide?

This module creates a better working environment by increasing internal communication. It also increases employee motivation by making it easier to collaborate between departments. It ensures that employees have a satisfactory working experience by determining automatic reward strategies in annual activities.

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