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Gain valuable insights into your employees' motivation and emotional states with the Passgage Mood module. This module provides questions and surveys to evaluate the emotional state of your employees at regular intervals, allowing your business to better understand the needs of employees and create a more positive work environment.

Thanks to Passgage Mood, businesses can monitor and measure their motivation levels on the basis of branches, work areas and locations. This information helps businesses quickly detect problems and make necessary adjustments.

This application lets employees to evaluate their own emotional state and feel more connected to their company. Passgage Mood module increases employee satisfaction by enabling businesses to value their employees more. This increases the productivity of businesses

Discover the Benefits
of Mood Module
Benefits for Employers
It helps improve the working environment by monitoring the motivation and emotional states of employees.
It can increase productivity for the business as employee satisfaction increases.
The commitment felt by employees can positively affect the company's brand loyalty and image.
The data collected through the Mood Module can be used to make strategic decisions.
Benefits for Departments
It helps improve the working environment of departments by monitoring the motivation and emotional states of employees.
It can increase efficiency by increasing cooperation and communication between departments.
Combining gathered data can make it easier to identify and resolve problems.
Adjustments made according to the emotional state of employees can increase morale and motivation within the department.
Benefits for Employees
Monitoring their own emotional states can contribute to employees' better understanding of themselves and their personal development.
As employee satisfaction increases, their job satisfaction and performance may increase.
They may develop a sense of loyalty to the company and feel more important as a part of the company.
Feedback collected through the Mood Module can be used to better respond to employees' needs.
Track Your Employees' Mood and Motivation
Regularly check the mood and motivation of your employees with the Passgage Mood Module.
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
What is the Passgage Mood module?

Passgage Mood module is a digital module that allows businesses to more closely monitor the motivation and emotional states of their employees. This module contains questions and surveys that will enable employees to evaluate their emotional state at regular intervals.

How often should the Passgage Mood module be used?

The frequency of use of this module may vary depending on the needs and preferences of businesses. However, conducting surveys at regular intervals ensures that the data is more accurate and up-to-date. Businesses can determine their own strategies on how often to conduct surveys.

Which business needs prompt Passgage Mood module to be used?

This module can help businesses of any size track their employees' emotional states. At the same time, it allows businesses located in different locations to be informed about the emotional states of their employees.

How does the Passgage Mood module benefit you?

This module allows businesses to learn more about the emotional states and motivation levels of their employees. This information helps businesses take the necessary steps to improve the work environment.

How to use the Passgage Mood module?

The module can be accessed via the Passgage mobile app. Employees respond to surveys and questions via the mobile application at regular intervals. This data can be monitored more closely by business managers.

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