Eureka! Module

Create an Environment that Supports Innovation!
Eureka! Module

"Passgage Eureka! module is a tool that allows businesses to stimulate employees' creativity and collect their valuable ideas. Employees can attract management's attention by presenting new and innovative ideas for the growth and development of the company. This module supports employees to submit their suggestions more quickly and effectively.

Passgage Eureka! module allows businesses to better manage and evaluate their employees' suggestions. This platform allows companies to collect, analyze and implement employees' ideas. This module helps businesses value their employees' suggestions and help them achieve success.

Eureka! module helps businesses improve their business performance and get ahead of their competitors by handling new ideas. Businesses can develop new products and services or improve business processes with the suggestions offered by employees. The company would benefit from a constantly innovative structure and achieves success."

Discover the Benefits
of Eureka! Module
Benefits for Employers
It helps businesses better meet customer needs and gain competitive advantage.
It enables the evaluation of new ideas and increasing business performance.
It allows businesses to better manage employees' ideas.
It helps employees to come up with innovative ideas by encouraging their creativity.
Benefits for Departments
It encourages idea sharing and collaboration, which creates a more harmonious working environment across departments.
It supports the sharing of innovative ideas so that creative solutions can be developed between different departments of the business.
It allows departments to work together in the development and implementation of new ideas, resulting in projects being completed more quickly and effectively.
It helps in continuous improvement of processes and performance indicators within the department, which increases overall business efficiency.
Benefits for Employees
It allows employees to showcase their creativity and convey their ideas to management.
Employees get the opportunity to contribute to the development of the business.
Through the implementation of innovative ideas, employees can help improve processes within the business.
By generating ideas, they can contribute to their career development.
Open a Special Path to New Ideas
Passgage Eureka! module, establishes a new communication channel that allows your new ideas, suggestions and development proposals to reach the authorities.
Eureka! Module
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
How does the Eureka! module evaluate employees' ideas?

Passgage Eureka! module allows businesses to collect and analyze employees' opinions. The module provides the information necessary to evaluate and realize ideas.

How does the Passgage Eureka! module help businesses meet customer needs?

Passgage Eureka! module enables businesses to evaluate new ideas and increase business performance. Thanks to new ideas, businesses can better meet customer needs and gain a competitive advantage.

How does the Passgage Eureka! module increase collaboration between departments?

The module enables sharing of ideas and increasing collaboration between departments. Sharing of innovative ideas between different departments of the business is encouraged and departments work together to take part in the development and implementation of new ideas.

How to use the Passage Eureka! module?

Passage Eureka! module allows employees to convey their innovative ideas to management. "Employees use the module to enter their ideas and suggestions into the system and have them conveyed to the management.

Do I need additional training to use the module?

No, I Found Passgage! The module is very easy to use and user friendly. No additional training or knowledge is required.

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