Ethics Line Module

Open a Private Communication Channel for Anonymous Complaints and Requests
Ethics Line Module

The Passgage Ethics Line module provides businesses with an anonymous communication channel for their employees, allowing them to easily submit confidential complaints. Regardless of hierarchy, employees who encounter harassment, mobbing, threats or similar negative situations can safely forward their complaints to the relevant department officials. This makes it easier to combat negative behavior and inappropriate actions in the workplace.

Passgage Ethics Line module prioritizes employee safety and privacy with anonymous complaints. Employees can easily submit their complaints against any negative behavior in the workplace in a confidential manner. This supports the creation of an open and transparent communication environment in businesses.

Businesses can quickly evaluate employee complaints with the Passgage Ethics Line module. Complaints submitted anonymously are examined by the relevant departments and the problems are resolved by taking the necessary precautions. Negative behaviors in the workplace are prevented and employee satisfaction may increase.

The Passgage Ethics Line module helps businesses fulfill their ethical values and corporate social responsibilities, while also contributing to protecting their reputation. This module is a powerful tool for employee safety and prevention of negative behavior in the workplace.

Discover the Benefits
of Ethics Line Module
Benefits for Employers
Unwanted situations can be prevented by receiving employees' confidential complaints and requests through the right channels.
In order to protect the image of companies, it can detect ethical violations and take necessary precautions.
It increases trust among employees by making the company culture healthier.
It helps companies meet their legal requirements.
Benefits for Departments
The Ethics Line Module provides a tool to detect and resolve ethical issues that arise in departments.
Correctly routing complaints improves cooperation between departments.
It increases the effectiveness of departments by ensuring the trust of employees.
The existence of such a system increases trust among employees and eliminates the lack of trust between departments.
Benefits for Employees
The Ethics Line Module allows employees to report ethical issues anonymously, which helps ensure a safe working environment.
Having employees know about ethical violations enables them to protect themselves and take precautions for possible situations.
Employees feel like they have a safe working environment, which increases job satisfaction and productivity.
Their anonymity allows employees to report complaints and requests regardless of their location in the workplace.
Prevent Problems from Remaining Confidential with the Ethics Line Module
Give your employees a new communication channel to report undesirable situations anonymously with the Ethics Line Module.
Ethics Line Module
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
Is the Ethics Line Module an anonymous system?

Yes, Ethics Line Module is an anonymous system. Employees can submit their complaints or requests anonymously. This ensures employees' privacy is protected and they can submit their complaints to the authorities without fear of being exposed to any negative behavior in the workplace.

How does the Ethics Line Module contribute to the business image?

Ethics Line Module helps businesses fulfill their ethical values and corporate social responsibilities. Preventing negative behavior in the workplace and ensuring the safety of employees helps businesses protect their reputation. In addition, having a safe environment for employees at work contributes positively to the brand loyalty and image of the business.

Does the Ethics Line Module meet the legal requirements of businesses?

Yes, the Ethics Line Module meets the legal requirements of businesses. Employees submitting their complaints anonymously helps businesses fulfill their legal responsibilities.

How to submit a complaint or request?

Employees forward their complaints or requests to the authorities using the special communication channel in the Passgage Ethics Line module. This communication channel is open to all employees, regardless of the hierarchy in the workplace. The complaint or request is submitted anonymously and reviewed by relevant department officials.

What kind of problems does the Ethics Line Module offer solutions to?

Ethics Line Module enables complaints about any ethical violation, harassment, mobbing, threat or other undesirable situations in the workplace to be forwarded anonymously to the authorities. Employees can contribute to the solution of problems arising from negative behavior in the workplace.

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