Co-Pilot Module

Shorten the adaptation process with experienced employees
Co-Pilot Module

Passgage Co-Pilot module is a solution that accelerates the onboarding process of newly hired employees and facilitates their adaptation process with experienced guide staff. Allowing new employees toquickly adapt to the company culture, ways of doing business and important issues.

With Passgage Co-Pilot, businesses give their new employees a warm welcome and guide them correctly. Thanks to experienced guides, new employees explore workplace spaces, meet colleagues and learn business processes.

This module quickly increases the performance of new employees, shortens the adaptation period and strengthens teamwork within the business. Invest in the future of your business by allowing your new employees to have a successful start with Passgage Co-Pilot!

Discover the Benefits
of Co-Pilot Module
Benefits for Employers
It shortens the adaptation period of new employees by accelerating their adaptation processes.
Experienced employees guiding new employees ensures that the company culture and ways of doing business are learned correctly.
It increases business efficiency by increasing the performance of new employees.
It increases cooperation between departments.
Benefits for Departments
It increases cooperation between departments by allowing new employees to learn the way of doing business more quickly.
Faster performance gains of new employees increases the efficiency of departments.
Having experienced employees guide new employees strengthens the cooperation of departments.
Rapid adaptation of new employees reduces in-department training and development costs.
Benefits for Employees
By being guided by experienced employees, new employees adapt to the job faster.
New employees' ability to quickly obtain information about their workplace, colleagues and ways of doing business increases their productivity at work.
Increasing the performance of new employees contributes to their career development.
The module increases employee satisfaction by enabling new employees to adapt to the business more quickly.
Shorten the Adaptation Period of Your New Employees
With the Passgage Co-Pilot Module, create tasks for your newly hired employees to complete together with experienced team members. Make adaptation easier.
Co-Pilot Module
Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know this module through frequently asked questions. Discover its potential contribution to your workforce and workflow
Is any technical knowledge required to use the Co-Pilot module?

No, technical knowledge isn't required to use the Co-Pilot module. The Passgage platform is very easy to use and switching between modules is also extremely simple.

What is the Co-Pilot module?

Passgage Co-Pilot module is a module that facilitates the adaptation process of newly hired employees by assigning them tasks to be performed by an experienced guide employee during the onboarding process.

How does the Co-Pilot module work?

By assigning an experienced guide, the Co-Pilot module makes it easier for new employees to explore workplace spaces, meet colleagues and learn the way of doing business. By assigning tasks to new employees, the module increases their performance and shortens their adaptation period.

What advantages does the Co-Pilot module provide?

The Co-Pilot module accelerates the adaptation process of new employees and strengthens teamwork within the business. Additionally, by improving the performance of new employees, it increases business efficiency and improves cooperation between departments.

Who is the Co-Pilot module suitable for?

The Co-Pilot module is designed to be used in the onboarding process of newly hired employees. Therefore, it is a suitable option for anyone who wants to facilitate the onboarding process of new employees of businesses.

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